Dyamen Namer, a Northern California Bay Area native, began designing custom jewelry in 2012. He states “I was always fascinated by the Tigers Eye.” Namer translates to Tiger in Swahili and according to the chinese zodiac calendar, I was born “Year of the Tiger”. It was this stone that initiated his journey to produce some of the dopest genuine semi-precious stone pieces in The Bay Area. He began researching the esoteric meanings behind gemstones stones and crystals. As his research progressed, so took interest in design and production. His studies a the National Academy of Sports Medicine revealed that there is a correlation between the Endocrine System (Hormone production) and the Seven Chakras. The Endocrine system, also the referred to as the “Master Gland”, ultimately controlled by the Pineal Gland. This Master Gland is the Third eye the (6th chakra) responsible for intuition, insight as well as imagination. Once realizing this connection, Dyamen strengthen his desire to learn and shares his knowledge through his creations.